Positano: 11 Things to Know

Positano: 11 Things to Know

#1: It’s expensive.

We saved Positano for the end of our trip. Maybe that’s why we felt it so much financially. It was almost impossible to spend less than a few hundred euros a day between breakfast, lunch & dinner. If you are traveling on a budget, make sure to research the best affordable restaurants. We regretted not doing this and ended up splurging every single day. Painful!

#2: Lots of Stairs.

Our hotel was situated at the top of hills/roads because we wanted that quintessential Positano view. What we did not consider, however, was that we would have to walk up and down endless stairs to get to and from the beach or anywhere else. I recommend packing light and packing comfortable shoes. We had two very large suitcases because we were in Italy for sixteen days. We should’ve downsized our packing and probably would have had we known that we would be forever climbing stairs!

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#3: Taxis are not worth it.

While in Positano, we walked absolutely everywhere – what better way to burn off all the pasta and pizza. We opted for a lot of public transportation for the first time during our travels. To get to Positano, we took a train from Naples and then a bus from Sorrento. The total cost for this entire journey was less than $20 or so – incredibly budget friendly. When we looked into taxis, the estimates we received were over 120 euros. There was local transportation in Positano itself as well – on our last day there, we took a bus down to the beach with our luggage rather than walking. Always research your options before splurging on a taxi!

#4: Incredibly packed.

While Positano was incredibly picture perfect, it was extremely packed with tourists. The locals told us that we were visiting during the off season (October), and we still thought it was so crowded. I could not imagine visiting Positano during peak season. There were lines at the more popular spots for food or drinks. If you visit during peak season, definitely make reservations everywhere you’re dying to go!

#5: Take advantage of the ferry.

I wish we knew how diverse the ferry destinations were when we first arrived in Positano. Had we known, we could have taken a ferry from Naples to Positano! We did take some advantage of it once we knew it was such an affordable and efficient option. We took a day trip to Capri from Positano, and it was incredible!

#6: Have lunch at a local deli.

We found a few delis in Positano that we LOVED. We would walk to the back of the shop where they made fresh sandwiches and salads. For two or three days, we got some amazing sandwiches with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and Prosciutto. Not only was it incredibly cheap, it was delicious!

Positano things to know

#7: You don’t need more than a couple of days.

To be honest, there isn’t really much to do in Positano. Other than eat, sit on the beach, eat some more.. there isn’t too much going on. It is entirely possible to see most of the tourism sites of Positano in a day. Our five whole days in Positano had us itching for adventure. Our day trip to Capri cured the boredom for a day. Unless you have a very specific agenda for Positano and have some day trips planned to other Amalfi Coast destinations, don’t plan on being there for more than a couple of days!

#8: No real culture.

Because Positano is so incredibly touristy, it’s difficult to get a feel for any sort of culture. We didn’t get many opportunities to mingle with locals – they were all too busy tending to tourists! Everywhere we went, we saw tons of Americans. It didn’t even feel like we were in Italy!

#9: Picture Perfect but…

Get ready to see tons of “influencers” and bloggers posing for photos absolutely everywhere. We sat on the beach and watched a bunch of Instagrammers posing with pizzas in bikinis – seriously, they had one slice of pizza and passed it around for an hour long photo shoot. It was very entertaining, and they laughed along with us at the ridiculousness.

#10: Stay near the beach.

As I mentioned, we stayed at the top of a hill above the main road so we could get those gorgeous views – but then we spent most of our time NOT in our hotel room! If you want to avoid very sore legs from endless stairs and cut down on the amount of time you spend getting to the action, stay close to the beach!

#11: Take the bus.

If you stay far away form the action, make sure you are near a bus stop! This will save you a lot of misery when you first arrive with your bags and when you leave. Our hotel happened to be right in front of a bus stop (so lucky!) and it was a lifesaver at the end of an exhausting trip!


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