Clear Skin: The 7 Products that Will Work

I’ve struggled with skin issues for a really long time. I remember having beautiful, clear skin when I was younger. Somewhere between chocolate chip cookies and cheeseburgers as a diet, my skin changed. Part of the issue was dietary. I discovered an insensitivity to gluten and dairy recently. The other issue was over-washing my face and using every product under the sun to resuscitate my skin. Obviously, none of that worked.

Years and years later, I’ve found what works for me, and it’s simple. Constant exfoliation with acids, lots of moisture, and tons of sunscreen. I’ve been on this routine for almost two months now. My skin has completely changed. When I first noticed these products working, I was ecstatic. I told everyone who would listen to buy these products and follow this simple routine. Okay, ready for it? Here we go!

Clear Skin Product #1: Micellar Water

This is a lazy girl’s dream. Imagine not having to wash your face before you go to bed. It has always been taboo – until now.

A few months ago, I stopped washing my face with water after suspecting that the hard water in London was causing products to clog my pores. Rather than using hot or warm water + chemicals on my skin (the combination of which was stripping my skin of much needed oils), I opted for cotton rounds and micellar water. Two months into this and I could not be happier with the state of my skin. Plus – I just “wash my face” in bed.

Use instructions: 2x a day with a cotton round. In the morning, I just use one cotton round and get rid of any build up in my skin. In the evening, I do the same unless I have worn makeup that day. If I’ve worn makeup, I just use as many cotton rounds as needed until they start coming back clean from dirt and makeup.

My go to micellar water is the Gariner SkinActive

Clear Skin Product #2: Glycolic Acid

I’ve always been a huge fan of glycolic acid. It exfoliates your skin and gives it a glow. The problem, though, was how I was using the product. I would purchase face washes, moisturizers, toners, etc. that already had glycolic acid in them – usually around 10% in strength. While the glycolic acid itself was great, I didn’t know what the other chemicals were doing to my skin. Some of them had no effect, others dried my skin out. I discovered that I had to create my own concoction.

I purchased a bottle of 70% glycolic acid from Amazon – I know, scary! I have a lot of experience using raw acids so it didn’t really scare me. I created a 50/50 moisturizer solution. After diluting with the moisturizer, the glycolic acid was around 35% in strength.

For my skin, this was perfect because I’ve done peels for as long as I can remember. If you have no experience with peels, do NOT go for such a high strength mix. You should probably go with one part acid to three or four parts moisturizer. Once your skin is used to this level, you can change the concoction the next time around.

What did this mix do? It caused my skin to slowly shed. My skin became flakey and peeled in the shower – a LOT. Underneath was glowing and clear skin. The glycolic acid was constantly turning over my skin cells. This meant that any junk that was stuck in my pores, clogging them and causing me to breakout, also melted away with the dead skin. Good riddance.

Use instructions: 1x a day when you wakeup after cleansing your face with a cotton round and micellar water.

Clear Skin Product #3: Daytime Moisturizer

This should be a day moisturizer so no heavy night creams. I like the Eucerin day cream because it’s simple and contains SPF. It’s a great one for your glycolic acid mix.

Use instructions: 1x a day in the morning as part of your glycolic acid mix.

Clear Skin Product #4: Lactic Acid

I had never tried lactic acid until two months ago. It’s the weakest one of the three acids I’ve used (TCA, Glycolic, Lactic), and I wanted to use stronger acids thinking they would work better. I was completely wrong.

This gentler acid eats away at bits of dead skin like pac-man without making you look like Samantha from Sex and the City post-peel. You won’t see results all at once, but you know it’s working when your skin starts flaking off and feeling smoother with each use.

I made a nighttime moisturizer using an 80% lactic acid and a night cream. Similar to the glycolic acid mixture, I went for a 50/50 mix. After making my mixture, the lactic acid concentration was 40%. This is pretty high if your skin has never been exposed to lactic acid. Dilute your first batch so it’s around 10% lactic acid and the rest is your night cream. Work your way up to a stronger concentration!

Note: This does burn and tingle when you put it on, but don’t let that freak you out. It’s supposed to burn slightly as it seeps into your pores.

Use Instructions: 1x daily, at night mixed into your night cream.

Clear Skin Product #5: Night Cream

I used to use the same moisturizer for day and night. It sounds silly, but I just didn’t think my skin needed the extra moisture that night creams provide. I’ve always had oily/combination skin so it seemed silly to add more moisture.

Two months ago, I added a proper night cream into my routine. I read reviews for tons of night creams and settled on this one by Viola. The UK Amazon store had over 3,000 reviews for this cream and very happy customers. I’ve already gone through one jar of this and ordered more last week. It’s anti-aging properties compliment the acids I have been using, and the whole routine works well with this cream as an addition.

I made my lactic acid nighttime moisturizer using this night cream and the above linked lactic acid. The two work wonders together!

Use Instructions: 1x daily, at night mixed with your lactic acid after removing makeup/dirt with cotton round and micellar water.

Clear Skin Product #6: Face Mask

I love a good face mask. I have two current favorites that are both really amazing. You might recognize one from my 15 Amazon Beauty Must Haves for $15 blog post. It is the Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay, and it has a true cult following. I mix it with apple cider vinegar as the instructions state, and it makes my skin feel squeaky clean.

Another favorite that I’ve been trying out is the MS.Dear Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. It is an amazing and cost-effective dupe of the GlamGlow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask. After having used both, I think this mask is a steal for what you’re paying, and it feels JUST LIKE the GlamGlow mask. It fizzes up on your skin and feels like you’ve poured soda all over your face but in a good way.

Either of these masks would be a great addition to the above skincare routine. I use each of these 1x a week.

Use Instructions: 1-2x per week. I would’t use these right before applying either of the acid moisturizers. You can, but it will BURN a lot.

If you want to get a decent peel, though, then this would be the way to do it. The last time I used a mask and then carried on with my nighttime routine, I got a pretty deep peel. My skin was pink for a few days and the steam in the shower caused a lot of shedding. After all of the dead skin went down the drain, my face was very clear from dark spots and pigmentation.

Clear Skin Product #7: Sunscreen

Using two acids on your skin will make your skin extremely sensitive to the sun. By neglecting sunscreen in your routine, you will undo all of your hard work. Sun will have the opposite effect on your skin than desired by using the acids: it will cause your skin to rapidly age. This is the most important part of the routine!

My longtime favorite sunscreen is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 50. This isn’t greasy at all and it does the job.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who has struggled with skin issues for as long as you remember, I sincerely hope this combination of products is your panacea. Skin issues can affect your confidence and self-esteem, and no one should have to feel horrible because their skin is struggling. If you do try this routine, I would LOVE to hear about it and how it works for you. If you have any questions about any of these products, I’m always available via comments or DMs on Instagram and happy to help!

15 Amazon Beauty Must-Haves for $15 Reviewed by Thousands!

You deserve the best of the best, and you shouldn’t have to break the bank for it. I have compiled a list of fifteen Amazon beauty must-haves with over 4 star ratings and over 3,000 reviews. These products are incredibly affordable, credible and incredible!

Amazon Beauty Find #1: Wingliner Stamp $13.97

Rating: 4.6 Reviews: 3,115

I’m a big fan of Sephora and love high end makeup products. When it comes to eyeliner though, I’m a bit skeptical of spending $25+. I’ve tried so many eyeliners, and usually I can’t tell a big difference between something that was $30 and a good quality drug-store brand that costs $5-$10. While on the hunt for an affordable eyeliner with amazing reviews, this one from Amazon stopped me in my tracks. It has a STAMP for the perfect wing! I love a good winged liner, but I always struggle at getting both sides even. I end up spending 20 minutes on each eye only to realize they are far from perfect. This product is an absolute miracle!

Amazon Beauty Find #2: Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler ($9.99)

Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 5,422

I’ve never used lash curlers because I have naturally curly lashes, but ever since my lashes have thinned out due to lash extensions, this little little guy gives the lashes I have left a nice curl.

Amazon Beauty Find #3: Tweezer Guru ($9.97)

Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 7,351

Do you ever have that one pesky eyebrow hair that is out of place but you can’t pluck it out? With these tweezers, you can. It’s so precise and well-made that you will never struggle with stray hairs again.

Amazon Beauty Find #4: Flat Foundation Brush by Lamora Beauty ($9.95)

Ratings: 4.7 Reviews: 11,151

With 81% of the reviews for this brush being 5 stars, customers seem to agree with the brand’s self-proclaimed accolade as “one of the best foundation makeup brushes you will ever buy.” At under $10, this is a steal compared to higher end makeup brushes.

Amazon Beauty Find #5: Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater ($12.00)

Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 4,857

I love a good facial spray, especially in the summer. It’s a great way to hydrate your skin without piling on more moisturizer. This one has five key ingredients with key functions: Aloe vera: Delivers light, soothing hydration.

Bladderwrack: Softens and Nourishes.

Gardenia & Rose: Gives skin an antioxidant boost.

Thyme: Boasts natural clarifying properties.

This is not just for women either – it is also a favorite of many men based on the reviews!

Amazon Beauty Find #6: Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer ($13.06).

Ratings: 4.5 Reviews: 2,696

Priming your eyes is so important for any makeup look especially if you love vibrant lids. It makes your eye shadow last longer, prevents creasing, and brightens everything up nicely. After using high end primers, I’ve realized that while some are amazing and worth the hype, there are cost effective alternatives that are just as good if not better. 79% of the reviewers for this one felt that it deserved 5 stars, and the customer photos provide further proof of how amazing this primer truly is.

Amazon Beauty Find #7: Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay ($10.95).

Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 16,267

This is the number one rated mask on Amazon. It has a cult following with over 16,000 reviews and a 4.4 star rating. Customer reviews go on and on for paragraphs about how this singular mask saved their skin. If you’re in the market for a new mask that is extremely affordable and absolutely loved by thousands, be sure to give this one a try!

Amazon Beauty Find #8: Beakey Makeup Sponge Set ($8.99).

Rating: Reviews: 2,594

I am obsessed with the Beauty Blender – who isn’t?! What if I told you that this is THE Beauty Blender Dupe that you’ve been waiting for? Almost 80% of the reviews for this five piece sponge set are a perfect five stars. The reviewers truly believe this is the next best thing to the original Beauty Blender if not as good. A lot of five also costs you less than one Beauty Blender!

Amazon Beauty Find #9: NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray ($5.19).

Rating: 4.2 Reviews: 4,660

This is a #1 bestseller does it’s job well without costing you big bucks. If you don’t use a setting spray, I’ll tell you why you should. A setting spray basically makes all of your makeup come together nicely. I see it as hairspray for your face. On days I don’t use a setting spray, I can sometimes see harsh lines if I didn’t blend enough. Using a setting spray softens everything out and makes your makeup last much longer!

Amazon Beauty Find #10: BS-MALL Makeup Brushes ($9.99).

Rating: 4.5 Reviews: 4,146

Makeup brushes are expense. Very expensive. This makeup brush set is just under $10, and it is absolutely loved by thousands of happy customers. Before splurging on an expense makeup brush set, be sure to check this one out and save yourself some money.

Shop Amazon US.

Amazon Beauty Find #11: Hyaluronic Acid Serum for Skin ($15.00).

Ratings: 4.3 Reviews: 7,579

Do you feel that your moisturizer sometimes just sits on top of your skin? This cruelty-free serum will provide what your current moisturizer can’t: intense moisture and balance. Customer reviews go on and on about how skin became plumper, younger looking, smoother, etc. This serum ranks #3 on Amazon’s list of facial serums, and it has been reviewed far more than the #1 and #2 products (and its less expensive)!

Amazon Beauty Find #12: Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara ($4.99).

Amazon’s #1 rated mascara is only $4.99! I don’t think I need to say much about this one. The reviews, the price point and the customer images do all the talking here. Plus, it’s cruelty-free!

Amazon Beauty Find #13: Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand for Loose Curls ($15.89)

Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 2,699

Okay, so this one is slightly over $15. But with thousands of happy customers and a stellar rating, it was worth a mention on this list! It’s also Amazon’s #1 curling wand! If you browse through the customer images, you can see the exact type of beach waves you can achieve from this wand. Effortless and beautiful!

Amazon Beauty Find #14: Sky Organics Castor Oil ($15.95).

Castor oil does wonders for hair growth. The Amazon reviews are flooded with people talking about their lash and brow growing experiences using this castor oil. Some of the customer images of people experiencing hair loss and saving their hair with this product are unbelievable.

Amazon Beauty Find #15: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water ($6.59).

Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 3,446

Over 3,000 reviews aside, this stuff has personally saved my skin. If you’ve read my post about hard water, you know about my skin issues: redness, acne, etc. The issues were not always around. The quality of water I washed my face with really impacted my skin. After discovering this, I decided to experiment with JUST micellar water as a cleanser. I use a few cotton rounds, soak them in this magical stuff, and clean off all dirt, oil, makeup, etc. Where using face washes and water was drying out my skin causing irritation, this has kept my skin hydrated, healthy, and happy.

Going Blonde – 7 Things to Consider!

You’ve thought about it. You’ve gotten all the way from a dark brown or black hair color to a very light ash brown. Should you take the plunge into the blonde life? Do blondes have more fun? As someone who has gone from black-brown hair to the lightest ash blonde.. and then BACK to dark brown – i’ve got the insight to help you decide if you should go blonde!

Going Blonde: Should I do it? Things to Consider First.

1. Dry shampoo will become your best friend.

Before I went blonde, I was washing my hair at least three times a week. I know, it’s not healthy to wash your hair a lot anyway. When I had dark and amazingly healthy locks, I hated having dirty hair. It dulled the shine. I loved being able to run my fingers through my hair because it was just so smooth and silky. All of that changed after going blonde. Washing my hair became a chore. If I didn’t use heat to style my hair, I had a dry, knotty mess on my head – not cute. Dry shampoo became my absolute best friend.

I started washing my hair just once a week. At first, it was cringeworthy for me. I couldn’t run my fingers through my hair without catching knots or frizz (some of this due to hard water). I know this is very discouraging, especially if your hair is naturally beautiful and air dries beautifully straight.

The good news is that you DO get used to it, especially if you love your new look. A drastic color change from dark to blonde can have a transformational impact on you. The more it grows on you, the more you grow to live with the inconvenience of dry hair.

2. Olaplex becomes your second best friend.

If you haven’t heard of olaplex, I’m here to tell you that you need it in your life. I only learned about it after the extensive bleach damage, but I wish I knew it existed before going blonde. It’s a great way to prep your hair for the coming distress and can reduce the negative impact of bleach. I have olplaex in my hair as I write this, preparing to go back to blonde this week for summer!

3. Regular hair masks and leave-in conditioners can save your hair.

Before going blonde, I was terrified of bleach. I didn’t want to damage the health of my hair. After going blonde, I’ve realized it’s JUST hair! It will bounce back, it will grow back, and it will recover if you take care of it. Regular hair masks and leave-in conditioners go a long way in restoring the moisture levels of your hair.

4. You will spend a lot of time in hair salons.

My pre-blonde days consisted of a visit to the salon once in a blue moon. Box colors and touch-ups at home were my thing. The first time I attempted that with my blonde hair, my hair turned orange. Bright orange. I was mortified. I threw on a baseball cap, drove to the nearest Sally’s and bought more bleach and toner to fix the mess I’d created. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can do it at home, right? WRONG!

Blonde hair is very fickle. Getting the right tone is an art and you have to know a lot about color theory. Reading a few blogs about color theory doesn’t cut it. To maintain your new blonde hair, you will spend a LOT of money so make sure that’s an investment you are prepared to take on.

5. You will learn that blonde isn’t blonde.

Before going blonde, I just thought you’re either blonde or brunette. I didn’t know that blonde itself was a whole universe of shades. Do you want to go warm or cool? Do you want ashy blonde or golden blonde? No two blondes are the same. If you take a photo to your hairdresser, chances are they won’t be able to get you to the exact blonde you want. Blonde is tricky and requires a lot of patience.

6. You will not go blonde right away.

My blonde color was a complete accident. I went in for a balayage and asked for a very light brown tone. Earlier that year, I had two other balayage appointments where the hairdressers turned my hair red. That is normal and very common. When your hair is very dark and you’re trying to achieve brown, your hair can turn red because it hasn’t been lifted enough to get rid of those red pigments.

My hair at that point was a red-brown, but I was ready for more. While talking to my hairdresser, I mentioned to him that one day I want to go blonde. Maybe he saw potential there, but he ended up lifting my hair so much that we ended up with a beautiful ashy blonde hair. I joked with him about how by “one day” I didn’t mean today! I couldn’t even be mad – I LOVED it! He was my go to hairdresser while I lived in Atlanta because I knew he just understood my hair. He was able to get it THAT light with minimal damage – quite an accomplishment.

7. You’ll have to ditch your favorite shampoo/conditioner combo.

Why, you ask? Because it’s probably not purple! That’s right, when you go blonde, you need a shampoo with a purple or blue tone depending on the shade of blonde you are going for. In between refreshing your color, you’ll want to use a purple shampoo to maintain the tone of your hair. Without that, your blonde will likely turn brassy and orange within just a few weeks. In the blonde world, brassy hair is completely taboo. It says something about your ability to be blonde as dramatic as that sounds.

If these considerations have not dissuaded you from pursing your dream hair color, congratulations for being so determined on your decision to go blonde! The next blog post in this blonde series will give you tips on how you can make sure to do everything right before going blonde!

Is Water Causing You to Breakout?

You have always been told that it is a taboo to go to bed without washing your face. Every skincare tip talks about a solid nighttime skincare routine, which of course begins with washing your face. But is water causing you to breakout?

If follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been living in London for some time now. What you didn’t know is that my skin has been struggling with breakouts for several months. At first, I thought it was a hormonal change that was triggered by the stress of the move. Then I thought I wasn’t using the right products. Then I shifted towards blaming my lack of water consumption on a daily basis. I’ve gone through a plethora of skincare routines and blamed everything for my constant breakouts. Little did I know, the culprit was hiding in plain sight – WATER!

When I first started my water intake experiment a month ago, I started noticing that my increasing my water intake, my skin was starting to glow and look a lot healthier, but my breakouts were not being contained. I started wondering if my skin was “purging” due to my lack of water consumption for basically my entire life. Doing some google searches lead me in a completely different direction. People on message board and part of the blogging community were trying to figure out if water itself was causing their skin problems. I quickly realized that for me, the culprit was water.

How can something that your body relies on for survival also be the source of your misery you ask? Simple. The quality of the water you are washing your face with.

What I didn’t know about London water is that it is extremely hard water. That basically means it consists of a high mineral content. Hard water is formed when water percolates through deposits of limestone and chalk. These deposits are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates. In short, they are horrible for your skin if you are sensitive to them!

These mineral deposits not only dry out your skin and cause redness, they increase sebum production and also clog your pores. These clogged pores are what cause you to breakout. They case any face washes or soaps you are using to turn against you rather than work for you. They react with the soaps to create deposits in your pores, causing nasty breakouts and whiteheads.

Your skin is just the beginning. Hard water also impacts other parts of your beauty routine.

Is your hair dry, brittle or just extremely frizzy? I posted on Instagram about how my hair was shiner and healthier lately after changing ONE thing – many of you guessed diet or supplements. It was the water I was washing my hair with! Using distilled water every once in a while gets my hair thoroughly clean, and I noticed a major difference on the first wash.

Have you tried everything on the market to tame your hair but you just can’t figure out why your hair won’t cooperate? Are your nails weak and brittle? Do they fail to grow no matter how hard you try by using products and supplements that promise growth? These problems can all be attributed to hard water.

You are probably wondering at this point whether you have hard water where you live. There’s an easy way to find out. Look at your shower, bath and sink areas. Is there a white film or residue covering those areas? Do you find white spots on your glassware? These are all signs that you have hard water.

What is the solution to the water quality you’ve been dealt? There are a few things you can do:

  1. Water softening system. The cost of this solution can vary depending on where you live. By having a system installed that can soften your water by removing these minerals, you are helping your hair, skin and your nails.
  2. Water bottle method. This is my current solution. Because we are probably going to move house in the next six months, having an expensive water softening system isn’t worth our time or money. I’ve resorted to washing my face with water bottles until my water distiller arrives in the mail! In having washed my face for a few days with Evian (silly and costly, I know. But after realizing all the horrible things going on under the surface, I think my skin deserved the best). This post discusses results after washing face with bottled water for 7 days!
  3. Water Distiller. This is going to be my solution until we can have a softening system installed. Here is a link to the system I’ve purchased. I will be using distilled water to both wash my hair and face! This post walks you through one experimenter’s day by day progress using with the distilled water method. The results are astonishing!
  4. No water method. While researching this, I came across a lot of blog posts and message boards about cleansing your face without water. A majority of the bloggers who have written on this subject used micellar water, facial wipes and toners. When I first read this, I thought, “No. Way. I would never be able to go to bed without properly washing my face! THAT is what causes breakouts!” My fiancee even suggested this before I looked into other people who had done it. I thought he was being crazy. What I found, though, was shocking. Every article I found promised BETTER skin when avoiding water to cleanse facial skin, especially for those living in areas with hard water! This article talks all about micellar water as a great alternative. This post by Bustle talks about other alternatives that are helpful.
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar. This will do wonders for your hair if you cannot be bothered to actually wash your hair with distilled water. This will remove the mineral buildup in your hair that might be weighing it down. It will restore the bounce and shine in your hair. Mix 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 quart distilled water. Apply the mixture and rinse it off after a few seconds. Do this once a week and you will start noticing your hair bounce back to life. Free People talks about this here.
  6. Install a Shower Head Filter. These encourage pH balance and filter out unwanted chemicals. I have read mixed reviews on these, but they could be a cheaper alternative to a water softening system if you find the right filter!

Overall, if you’re anything like me and haven’t been able to pinpoint the source of your skin, hair or nail issues, I hope this post has helped you realize that your water may be the enemy. I will write a follow-up post in a few months to report progress on the distilled water method so check back if you are interested in fining out more!

The Ten Best Perfumes I’ve Ever Used!

I’m obsessed with perfumes. I love fresh and feminine scents, and I wear perfume every single day – even if I’m just working from home. I didn’t realize there were so many in my Instagram community who are equally obsessed with perfumes until my post from a little while ago! After realizing this, I had to do a blog post and share my all-time favorite perfumes. I love trying new scents all the time, but to me, these are the best perfumes. I always come back to and fall in love with them!

1. Narciso Rodriguez. I smelled this perfume for the first time on one of my friends while in undergrad. I immediately fell in love with it. I had to know what it was. She always smelled SO good. That was ten years ago. This is STILL one of my favorite perfumes of all-time. It smells feminine, fresh and flirty. It’s a soft and subtle scent that doesn’t overpower your presence. It supplements your presence, as an accessory should. If you have never smelled this one, you are missing out big-time! I would describe the scent as musky and floral. This one is available on here for around $66.

Top notes: sensual musk, orange & amber.

2. Chloe by Chloe. I struggle to pick my favorite between this one and Narciso. I go back and forth between the two. They’re both equally good perfumes! I discovered this one at Sephora seven years ago and it’s been part of my collection ever since. This one is light and fresh yet seductive. I would describe the scent as floral and rosy. This one is available on here for around $65.

Top notes: Peony, freesia, & litchi.

3. Love Story by Chloe. Inspired by Parisian romance and the love padlocks on on the bridge of the Ponts des Arts, this scent is truly romantic! As a relatively new discovery for me – probably three years ago – it became an instant favorite. After using up my Sephora sample within days, I ended up buying the biggest bottle they had and ran through it so quickly. Since then, it’s been a staple for me. Another floral composition, the scent is so clean and fresh. This one is available here for around $48.

Top notes: Neroli, orange blossom, jasmine.

4. Nomade by Chloe. Another floral composition by Chloe (I clearly have an addiction to their perfumes), this is the newest addition to my collection. I smelled it in a duty-free shop while traveling, and since I have always loved the other perfumes by Chloe, I decided to buy it. Although on the list of my all-time favorites, it is probably my least favorite of the three Chloe scents (speaks volumes about how great the other two are as this one is also incredible). I would describe the scent as woody and citrusy. It’s a pretty bold scent compared to the other Chloe perfumes. Available here for around $78.

Top note: mirabelle, bergamot, lemon & orange.

5. YSL Black Opium. I think this one is loved by all. I have had so many people DM me or drop a comment about how this one is their favorite – and for good reason! It smells divine. I have a few drops left in my bottle and am just waiting to use it for a special occasion. To me, this one is incredibly sweet though, and it wouldn’t make the best everyday scent. I would describe the smell as sweet and vanilla-y. Available here for around $92.

Top notes: pink pepper, orange blossom & pear.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. This is probably the only scent that is not incredibly flowery. This is a bold scent. I used to wear this one to work and my male co-workers would always ask me what it was because they loved it and wanted to buy it for their significant others. I would describe the smell as citrusy and woody. Available here for $59 for a 3.3oz bottle.

Top notes: apple, cedar, bellflower, & Sicilian Lemon.

7. Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I discovered this one in a Sephora sampler box (side note – those are an amazing way to try out different perfumes and you get a full-sized bottle of your favorite scent from the box!). I loved the fresh scent and wearability of this one. I would describe the scent as soft, powdery and floral. Available here for around $62 for a 3.4oz bottle.

Top notes: violet leaf, blood grapefruit, strawberry.

8. Burberry Body. I’ve only bought this one once but I LOVED it. I got a great deal at an a Burberry Outlet Store in Atlanta, GA. It was a great everyday scent for when I worked in an office. It isn’t too strong to wear all the time, and it isn’t a distracting scent. It won’t overpower your presence. I would describe the scent as musky and powdery. It isn’t extremely floral like some of the other perfumes that I love. Available here for $88 for a 2.8oz bottle.

Top notes: fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia.

9. Gucci Envy Me. I think this was discontinued for a really long time. I used to be addicted to this perfume, and then for years was unable to find it anywhere. I know they’ve brought it back because I’ve seen it in so many duty-free shops while traveling. I need to get my hands on this again because it truly smells divine! This one is on the sweet side so if that isn’t your thing, this one might not be for you. I would describe the scent as fruity and fresh with a very rosy smell. Available here for around $60 for a 3.3oz bottle.

Top notes: pink peony & pink pepper, cassia, peach, mango.

10. Burberry Weekend. An oldie but a really good one! This was my favorite perfume for a really long time (until I discovered Narciso Rodriguez). It’s the perfect everyday scent. It’s not too overpowering, and it lasts on me for the whole day. I would describe the scent as floral and powdery. Available here for $95 for a 3.4oz bottle.

Top notes: sweet and zesty mandarine and aromatic grassy notes.

It’s always best to sample out perfumes. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. No perfume smells the same on any two people. My mom and I both love Narciso Rodriguez, but it smells really different on both of us. The best way to experiment with perfumes is the sampler box at Sephora (really popular and readily available in the stores around the holidays) or just by asking for a sample at Sephora. Wear it for a week. Does the scent last on you? Does it smell the way it did in the bottle? Once you find YOUR scent, it will smell incredible on you and become an accessory that you can’t live without!