5 Best Instagram Apps

Best Instagram Apps

Gone are the days when instagram was instant. I still remember using the in-app camera to post photos when I first joined the platform way too many years ago. With a billion world-wide active users, there is some serious competition for space on your followers’ feeds. Perhaps that is why you stumbled across this post – to hunt for the best Instagram apps to differentiate your content.

While follower count and number of likes is not and should not be the priority, better content does increase both. Putting your best foot forward and creating content that will make you stand out should be your goal to run a successful account. This list of the five best instagram apps will do just that – help you create beautiful engagement-worthy content.

Preview: Best Instagram App For Planning Your Instagram Feed

I stumbled upon this app without even looking for it. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I can’t imagine guessing what my feed will look like anymore. When you are trying to stick to a color theme, it’s crucial to be able to see the images as an overarching whole. This app lets you drag and drop your photos, allowing you to rearrange them to suit your aesthetic taste. It also has an analytics section that could be helpful, although I never use it because I prefer Instagram insights.

Lightroom Mobile: Best Instagram App for Transforming your Photos

I know a lot of people prefer VSCO and Snapseed. Lightroom is daunting if you have no photo editing experience. People avoid it because it seems complicated. Apps like Snapseed and VSCO are great if you are trying to add a filter or lighten/darken specific parts of a photo. Lightroom, however, is much more transformational than tossing a filter onto something.

Lightroom let’s you change the actual colors in your photo using sliders. You can easily adjust exposure, brightness, contract, etc. You can transform an image from something you thought was not usable or “grammable” to something you couldn’t have even imagined. After seeing the magic of Lightroom and thoroughly understanding it’s features, I would never use anything else.

If you look at the carousel below, the before was extremely dark and unusable. This was an iPhone shot so the actual photo is not the best quality, but lightroom was able to transform even that. With raw images, lightroom can do anything.


Brief Lightroom Guide

PicsArt: Best Instagram App for Stretching Your Creativity

Sometimes you just want to post a fun photo with a cool background but can’t be bothered to leave your house. I’ve definitely been there.

PicsArt is a cool app that allows you to easily erase the background of your photo and replace it with something else. Some people are vehemently against photoshop or the concept of changing an image that much. I LOVE it. It lets you be creative and think outside the box. After all, a content creator should be creative, right?

The image below was altered with PicsArt. I loved everything about the shot except for the fact that we were driving through a tunnel, which wasn’t very pretty. Cue PicsArt – and viola! The photo becomes usable and pretty! One thing that is cool about this app is you can change the opacity of your background. This allows you to change the background or image in a window or glass but still maintain the reflection, giving it a realistic appearance.


PicsArt Review

FaceTune: Best Instagram App For Cleaning Things Up

This app gets a bad reputation because of the name. I don’t alter my face or body using this app, ever.

This app does two things really well that most others do not. 1. It’s whitening effect to brighten up white backgrounds or clothes is unparalleled. 2. The patch tool is one of the best I’ve seen for removing unwanted items from a photo.

I’ve used the patch tool to remove people from my photos for a more dramatic shot – especially since I can’t be bothered to wake up at 7am while on vacation to go shoot photos. The below shot is a great example. FaceTune makes everything so seamless.


Unfold: The Best Instagram App for Storytelling

There are a ton of these out there. Everyone wants their stories to look like a lot of effort was put into them. Most of these apps will give you nice background and story templates. Unfold does something extra that I haven’t seen in other apps. It allows you to actually tell a story. The templates allow you to add lots of text to your photos or videos in very neat and organized formats. I don’t use it much because I don’t post a lot of BTS or heavily curated stories, but when I do, Unfold is my favorite.

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    Who knew there were so many Instagram apps?!

    • Binish Pirwani
      July 16, 2019 / 6:55 pm

      More like apps to help you edit your phones for instagram 🙂

  3. Brandon Sparks
    May 15, 2019 / 4:52 pm

    Wow.. I never knew that there was more then the one. Thanks so much for sharing this..

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